Tree of Life’s mission is to build a substantial “endowment fund” from which qualifying charities in South Africa and Africa can be supported on a sustainable and predictable basis. In our experience, charities often find it difficult to do long-term strategic planning or to commit to longer-term projects, simply because their funding tends to be sporadic and short-term in nature.

While we do use some of the donations we receive to support charities (guideline of up to 25% of donations), the bulk is invested to generate returns from which we can provide sustainable support.

We have made good progress and during our first 7 years of existence the compounded annual growth rate of our investment portfolio is 79%.

Our aim is to invest funds in such a way that we can ultimately distribute roughly 5% of this capital base annually to selected charities, NGOs and ministries in accordance with the Tree of Life deed.


Tree of Life has never attempted to raise funds after it was founded in 2007 when two businessmen provided the start-up capital in the form of equity investments.

Growth has therefore come exclusively from investment returns.

Due to our successful track record in investments and the growing awareness that “social impact investing” is a crucial component of achieving sustainable change in Africa, we have access to attractive investment opportunities.

To capitalise on this and to fast track the process of reaching a capital base that will facilitate significant change on the continent, we are now actively working to raise funds.

To find out how you can support Tree of Life financially, please contact us.

Stewardship Navigator

“With time, your contribution could grow
and bear ever-increasing fruit.”


Introducing the Stewardship Navigator – a Donor-advised Fund (DAF) that’s providing Tree of Life donors with an innovative way to invest and distribute charitable capital in Africa with long-lasting effects.

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