The Fruit Of Your Donation

The Fruit Of
Your Donation

“We realize that the ultimate giving decision (i.e. which charity to support), is as important as the initial investment decision. As such, each charity that receives support via the Tree of Life Foundation, has undergone a rigorous vetting process, before being added to our platform.”

The charities reflected on this page constitute entities that were successfully vetted and that can receive funds via the Tree of Life Foundation (for a PDF version of this list of charities, including information pertaining to the article 18A registration status of each charity, click here). New charities are continuously being vetted and added to our platform – often upon the request of one of our Donor-advised Fund Clients.

Acres of Love

Acres of Love exists to rescue children and create families. We operate over 30 Forever Family Homes throughout Johannesburg, Benoni, and Cape Town. Run by long-term, committed house parents and supported by a team, we provide love and dignity along with the best medical, educational, nutritional and emotional care to children who were once orphaned.

Agapé Family Ministries

Agapé Family Ministries – based in Grabouw – is a child and youth care facility that provides residential care to disabled, orphaned and abandoned children.


The African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (Alict) works to create a unique community of Christian practitioners who will lead and influence in every sector of society. This is accomplished via a 3-month intensive residence program.

Alpha South Africa

Alpha assists churches, groups, and individuals in evangelism, via gratis resources in the form of interactive sessions, which explore the Christian faith in a relaxed environment.

Badisa Skiereiland Maatskaplike Dienste

Badisa is a social services organisation providing care and support for children and families, the elderly, the disabled, and substance dependents in the greater Cape Town area.

Calling Education

Calling Education seeks to inspire, equip and grow future leaders, fathers and teachers through establishing innovative low fee, high quality schools in South Africa.

Cause for Justice

Cause for Justice is a human rights organisation with a mission to advance constitutional justice in South Africa through litigation, public awareness, and participation in political processes.

Communities of Abundance Africa

Communities of Abundance Africa, based in the Paarl Valley, unites business, government, not-for-profits, and churches in a bid to transform communities via an integrated development plan, focused on caring for the community, job creation, skills development, and the transformation of the physical environment.

Community Keepers

Community Keepers seeks to create supportive school communities by providing school-based mental health and social services to learners, parents, care-givers, and teachers. They are based in the Stellenbosch area.

Davar Partners International

Davar Partners International assists global missions by creating high quality audio recordings of the Bible for illiterate people of every tongue, in a language they can understand.

Eagle’s Nest Ministries

Eagle’s Nest Christian Primary School offers hope through quality, Christian education. Our vision is to uplift disadvantaged communities by providing children with an education of excellence, irrespective of their social, financial or cultural backgrounds. We continually strive to teach our children the importance of giving back to the community.

Eagles Rising Leadership Academy

Eagles Rising believes South Africa needs leaders of integrity who have a strong moral compass. We take young people between the ages of 19-23 from township backgrounds and, using a residential campus experience, unlock their leadership potential while teaching them to be academically ready to pass university.

El Shaddai Christian School

El Shaddai Christian School is an independent, co-educational school situated in the suburb of Durbanville, South Africa. Our high school follows the Cambridge International Curriculum and we aim to join hands with parents to lay a biblical worldview, whilst simultaneously developing Godly character and providing quality academics.


FASfacts was established in Worcester in the Western Cape in 2002 and educates the general public on the effect of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on the unborn baby, as well as the influence that people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) have on each individual in particular and the broader community in general.

Fisantekraal Centre for Development

FCD offers various skills development courses to the unemployed in the greater Cape Town area, in order to restore dignity, build self-esteem and self-confidence, and to increase the chances of its students for finding employment.

Forward Foundation

Forward Foundation is dedicated to empower children by ensuring age-appropriate progress, promoting physical well-being for sound choices, trust, and growth. Using physical education, life skills and sport development as vehicles, we guide them to embrace challenges, nurture relationships, and become productive citizens. We foster self-ownership, providing vital support for a confident future.

George Whitefield College

GWC provides quality tertiary level education and training for Christian life and ministry. GWC’s programmes are strategic for keeping churches rooted in correct biblical teaching as we shape minds via a classical theological education, nurture hearts devoted to Christian service and train voices to effectively communicate the Word of God.

Halftime South Africa

Halftime SA focuses on South African business and professional leaders and endeavours to assist, coach, and connect these individuals – in a bid to move them from a place of success, into a place of significance.

Haven of Hope Equine Aid Centre

Haven of Hope Equine Aid Centre provides horse riding and interaction with horses for individuals with disabilities, special needs, or trauma. This assists with muscle tone, balance & posture, social development, trust & relationship building, physical fitness and mental stimulation and focus.

High School Dr Malan NPC

High School Dr Malan is an Afrikaans school in Pretoria with a vision to provide multi-level support to its needy learners, in order for these learners to break the cycle of poverty and to become positive contributors to society.

IseeU Trust

The IseeU Trust mentors school-going girls from Cape Flats communities. We aim to Inspire them to complete high school; and Equip them to Explore and access appropriate opportunities after they graduate.

Isiqalo Performance Trust

Isiqalo’s aim is the beautification and healing of life, whilst its task is to holistically develop and enrich individuals, within the context of community. We serve a rural community of farm workers outside Ceres and create an enabling culture, by focusing on family development, life-skills training, spiritual enrichment, and various educational projects.

iThemba Projects

Imagine a township restored to a fully healthy, functioning community that needs no further outside assistance. This is iThemba Projects’ goal, to see the highest HIV infected community in the world restored, so that it can be used as an example to restore other communities across South Africa.


JOB-ABLED (powered by JOBJACK) is helping differently-abled people gain access to entry-level opportunities through our online platform, by eliminating the cost and administrative barriers while automating the entire process. Through God’s guidance, JOB-ABLED strives at becoming the go-to platform for any differently-abled person looking for a job opportunity.

Just Grace

Just Grace is a people-focused non-profit organisation established in 2012 in the community of Langa Township. The organisation designs and implements effective and sustainable initiatives to develop the community and achieve reduced poverty, better quality education, decent work and economic growth, and equal opportunities.

Khula Development Group

Khula reintegrates primary school children, at risk of dropping out, back into the school system through reintegration, In-school support and primary caregivers programmes. A whole-school approach is followed in the Promoting School Attendance programme. Khula aims to create awareness amongst the greater community of the risk of not being involved.

Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn is dedicated to eradicating unemployment and other legacies of injustice in South Africa through its market-related skills development and job creation projects. The goal is for graduates to leave empowered and changed – socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

Life Child International Trust

Life Child International Trust, based in Southern Africa, reaches out to orphaned and vulnerable children through Early Childhood Development Programs in Schools, Preschools, Children’s Villages and Safe Homes, in order to help restore communities.

Light Trust

The Light Trust provides financial support, as well as strategic and operational assistance, to Christian organisations that focus on uplifting the poor, marginalized and oppressed in South Africa.

Living Network Crisis Centre

The Living Network Crisis Centre helps people in need in the Bellville (Cape Town) area, by meeting basic needs and providing skills development through utilising community networks.

Lungisisa Indlela Village (“LIV”)

LIV Village provides holistic residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Their motto is “Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader, and Release a star”.

Metropolitan Evangelical Services

MES works towards changing the heart of cities in South Africa by empowering people holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives through an integrated approach of poverty alleviation, health services and skills development.

Mosaic Community Developments

The vision of Mosaic is to see a South Africa where every orphaned and vulnerable child is loved and cared for within a family setup, with enough resources and opportunities to realise their God-given potential. Mosaic has developed a sustainable, replicable OVC-care model with a holistic focus on both the OVC and their caregivers.

Nika Capital NPC

Nika Capital NPC exists to impact education in South Africa. It does this by empowering edu-leaders and establishing holistic Christian-based academic and infrastructure development programs. Nika functions both as a conduit and an ignition – an ignition inspiring companies to effect lasting social impact and a conduit channelling resources to struggling schools and communities.

Open Doors South Africa

Open Doors SA seeks to educate and mobilise the Body of Christ in Southern Africa, to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians around the world, by providing practical support, training, prayer and being an advocate for the defenceless.

Phakamani Foundation

Phakamani Foundation is a South Africa development micro-finance organisation that assists poor unemployed women to establish their own micro-businesses. Included in the program are selection, training, a micro loan, as well as after-loan support.

Re:New Trust

Re:New Trust addresses community development and poverty alleviation by providing various forms of educational support to disadvantaged individuals and communities in and around the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Shiloh Synergy

Shiloh Synergy is committed to the holistic upliftment of the underpriviledged communities in the Western Cape. The group explicitly strives to build a better future for children, through education and intellectual development.

Sihamba Sonke

We are passionate about restoring hope and belonging to our rural communities. Our education, sport, agriculture, and skills development programmes are focused on supporting local mentors to live value-driven and purposeful lives. These mentors then raise up the next generation of leaders through establishing a mentorship culture within our extra-curricular school programmes.

The Love Trust

South Africa’s looming crisis of Youth Unemployment is a symptom of a lack of quality education at foundation phase. As such, The Love Trust aims to provide quality, Christian education to vulnerable children, whilst equipping pre-school teachers with the accreditation, tools and knowledge to teach at the critical age of 0-6.

The Message Trust South Africa

The Message Trust South Africa passionately share the love of Jesus Christ in words and actions with the hardest-to-reach young people and communities. We identify youth at risk and provide them with a platform to flourish in faith and life. They become transformational leaders creating ripple effects of change in tough urban environments.

The Ubuntu Football Trust

The Ubuntu Football Trust, based in Cape Town, is a Christian school and leadership program with a vision to disciple our young men to be excellent fathers and leaders in their homes, families and communities, and see them multiply our impact across society and generations.

The Warehouse Trust

The Warehouse exists to serve the South African church network in its response to poverty, injustice and division. They work with local churches in all communities, helping them to implement sound, effective and practical acts and renewed attitudes, to see transformation in these communities.

Tree of Life BEE Foundation

The Tree of Life BEE Foundation shares the vision and values of Tree of Life, but is specifically set up to benefit black (as defined in the BEE codes) “orphaned, abused, abandoned, neglected, disabled, chronically ill, vulnerable or at risk children, including children in need of care and protection as defined in section 150 of the Children’s Act, 2005.”

Triga Ventures

Triga Ventures equips faith-motivated entrepreneurs in the building of businesses and non-profits that can solve some of Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Unashamedly Ethical

Unashamedly Ethical is an association of individuals and organisations, guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. Through co-ordinated, targeted and impactful advocacy and campaigns to advance ethical behaviour, the organisation confronts corruption and injustice.

Work 4 A Living

W4AL gets people working – with excellence! Changing worldviews from a Poverty Mindset to God’s way of working, living and thriving. Teaching the unemployed the necessary life, workplace and financial skills to find a job and get promoted; to start a business and grow it! While discipling people to receive wisdom from God and to live Righteously.

Wortelgat Outreach Trust

The Wortelgat Outreach Trust runs an interdenominational Christian campsite and conference venue near Stanford in the Western Cape, with programmes that offer educational, environmental, social, and spiritual components. The venue is available for use by young and old, from all sectors of the community.

Wycliffe Bible Translation South Africa

Wycliffe actively works towards having a Bible available in every known language – it facilitates this by using oral and written Bible translation techniques, language development, and other literacy tools.